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Playing with the power of light in LUCIA guerilla lighting workshop in Tallinn

Guerilla lighting workshop in the Canute Garen in Tallinn, Estonia

A LUCIA guerilla lighting workshop was held in Tallinn’s Canute Garden on 17 September 2019, just before the “Wandering Lights” (Valgus Kõnnib) light festival. Canute Garden is LUCIA’s pilot site in Estonia. 15 workshop participants experimented with light and light colours, thinking of different seasons and changes in urban space that can be amplified by light. Participants broke the modest park lighting using RGBW wireless spotlights and searched ways to bring emotions and life into space. “But most of all, this was about having fun playing with the power of light”, says Eva Tallo, LUCIA project manager in Tallinn’s Urban Environment and Public Works Department.

The concept of guerrilla lighting was created in 2008 for the purpose of raising awareness of how lighting can transform space. Guerrilla lighting is a war with bad lighting and a protest against wasteful use of light. These events bring problematic poorly lit places in urban space into the limelight. Guerrilla lighting is a movement targeted against poor lighting, trying to use contrast of light to point out possibilities of how to use light to alternate reality and, also, to change our attitude towards places that we have become used to avoid.

Under the guidance of experienced lighting designers, Guerrilla lighting movement takes participants with portable low-power light sources to fight darkness and bad lighting.

See more impressions from the guerilla lighting workshop below:

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