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LUCIA partners discussing progress in Hamburg, Germany

LUCIA partners discussing the work and time plan of the project

From 22 to 23 May 2019, LUCIA partners met in Hamburg, Germany. The meeting took place on the largest river island of Europe, in the Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg district.

Following the official kick-off in March 2019, the meeting was used to present and discuss the current work status in the project as well as to substantiate work and time planning. Among other topics, LUCIA partners discussed the preparation of short factsheets for municipal decision makers and city lighting experts covering key aspects of environment, technology, economy and social acceptance.

The new project and communication management team from ZEBAU GmbH and atene KOM GmbH introduced themselves and provided a brief insight into their range of tasks. In addition, Yury Nurulin from Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University introduced himself, who has become a confirmed project partner of the LUCIA project in the meantime.

Besides that, an excursion into the darkness of the “Schellfischtunnel” and a dinner on the river Elbe provided space for informal exchange between the project partners.

All project partners will come together in the second partner meeting taking place in Jūrmala, Latvia on 8–10 October 2019.





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